Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Worktable Wednesday: Finishing Up Some Dolls and Another FREE Pattern Offer

I spent an hour digging through various bins of finished and unfinished projects looking for these dolls this morning. I'm deciding on clothes, shoes and hair. These should be ready for my next product lunch in April (date TBA).

Aren't they a lovely ethnic rainbow? I love making dolls of and for all people.

 Here's a custom set I made a while back of a mom and her little boy.

I hope you got a chance to see the FREE Easter pattern I posted on Monday. I also made a different FREE pattern for my email subscribers too.
They received a PDF of a double sided ornament and I think it's so cute! You can get this FREE pattern by just signing up for my email.

I'm currently working on the next pattern, it's for Earth Day in April. If you have any ideas for a pattern you'd like to see me make, just leave a comment!

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