Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Worktable Wednesday: Pattern Making, Blog Changes and More!

I'm making some changes to my blog, the way it looks and what I blog about. I'll also have some free little felty type tutorials, printables and more here for you to enjoy.

I will still show works in progress (wips) of my work for sale, people seem to like to see that, but I'll be offering you something beyond that as a reason to come and see what going on here. 

I'm currently working on 2 to 4 new patterns for St. Patrick's Day and Easter. Two of these patterns are only for my newsletter subscribers (those are a little more complicated and detailed) and the other two are fun free patterns and tutorials just for my blog readers.

 This is one I'm designing for my newsletter subscribers.

I hope you'll continue to stop by and visit for a bit.

1 comment:

Mary Ann said...

Sounds good:) I always enjoy seeing how your work progresses.


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